Anne Gloger: Community builder and winner of the 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize!

2017 Jane Jacobs Prize Logo

The Storefront is beyond proud!

From Spacing Toronto: “The Jane Jacobs Prize is an annual award that celebrates individuals who contribute to the fabric of Toronto life in unique ways that exemplify the ideas of Jane Jacobs. The prize recipients reflect the diverse aspects of city life.”

Anne was asked on CBC’s Metro Morning recently, “How does it feel to win this prize?”
She answered: “It feels incredible! Jane Jacobs stood for everybody creating cities together, and that’s exactly what East Scarborough Storefront Stands for and that’s exactly what The Centre for Connected Communities stands for, and I feel so honoured that the synergies have been recognized in this way.”

Spacing Magazine also wrote this wonderful article about Anne, which is set to appear in the January 2018 issue.  There’s also a great article about the second 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize winner, Kofi Hope who leads at The Careers Education Empowerment  Centre for Young Black Professionals

Anne is so very appreciative of everyone who came out to the prize ceremony, and to all of our East Scarborough Storefront and Centre for Connected Communities champions and supporters, near and far!

Anne strongly believes that this award rightly and truly belongs to all people who live, work and play in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood – and also all the people beyond the neighbourhood who have invested their time, talent, energy, resources and great care towards intentionally building a vibrant and connected community together.

The Storefront is a living example of the Connected Community Approach, and has learned many valuable lessons about community building by employing this approach. The Centre for Connected Communities’ work is to share those lessons with others who want to build their own vibrant and connected community wherever they may be.

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