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Will you donate now to help replace our stoves?

December 3, 2019

To all our amazing Storefront Supporters,

People in our neighbourhood have told us that the main reason they love coming to The Storefront is because of the sense of belonging they find here. A large part of that is fostered in our community kitchen where so many activities happen – and where so many people gather.

But we have a problem: the stoves in our Eco-Hub Community Kitchen are on the fritz. One of them is completely broken and out of service, and the other one is the same age, is down to 2 working burners out of 4, and could quit on us any day.

We have asked a local Service Club to assist us with finding $8,000 to replace our failing stoves. They are doing their best to arrange a gift, but are not hopeful they can find the full amount. I’m reaching out to all our friends and supporters to ask for your help. Like so many things at The Storefront, when we all come together, we can make magic happen. Will you donate today to help replace our stoves?

Local Entrepreneurs use our kitchen to test out recipes and scale up their operations – using entrepreneurship as a path to economic well-being.  Because we are a commercial grade kitchen, inspected regularly by the City, entrepreneurs are able to sell the foods they produce in our kitchen. And when our stoves fail, their well-being suffers!

The kitchen is also used to run programs like culinary training programs, helping participants develop foundational kitchen and food service skills.

And seniors, adults and kids all use the kitchen to come together to create community, discuss shared issues and support each other, sometimes even using food grown in our community gardens.

If this is something YOU could help with, it would make a big difference for a lot of people!  Please scroll to the donation form below. If you have any other ideas for helping us acquire the stoves our community needs replaced, please connect with me directly!

With my very best wishes,

Nadia Heyd
647-347-1693 ext. 22

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