Whether you contribute an auction item as an individual or a business – your donation will show your community spirit!

East Scarborough Storefront has been invited by the Rotary Club of North Scarborough to participate in the 39th Annual Toronto Rotary Auction, coming up on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 and we’re extending that invitation to you!

A decades-old tradition, six Toronto-area Rotary Clubs operate the auction, which started on TV.  They built a very large audience and successfully moved to an online format last year.  

YOU can take advantage of this event to showcase YOUR business, products, services and community spirit to this large audience just as the busy Holiday season gets underway!

Need more info about how it works?  

– By Friday, October 18th, let us know that you’d like to donate something to put in the auction. Top selling items are around $100 in retail value, and appeal to a broad audience (think: tickets to sporting events, theatre tickets, gift cards, seasonally themed baskets, for example).

– We will pick up your item(s) and get them into Rotary’s Auction.

– On Saturday November 23rd, your contribution and business name will be seen by thousands of people during the online auction. You’ll also be listed as a donor on Rotary’s website.

– Your contributed item(s) will be purchased by people from across the city.

– A portion of the selling price generated from your auction item will be donated to The Storefront, and a portion will support Rotary’s work locally and internationally.

– Thanks to your generosity, people in East Scarborough will be supported by The Storefront! We help your neighbours – who visited more than 50 thousand times last year – with SO many things, from finding employment, child care, health and wellness supports, settlement help, legal help, and so much more!

– Check out this flyer from The Toronto Rotary Auction if you need more information or visit http://rotaryonline.auction/ .

Ready to get involved? Please complete the Auction Item Donation Form below by Friday October 18th. Some people prefer printed forms. If that’s you, you can print the donation form here. I’ll arrange for someone to come pick up your contribution, get it into the auction, and let you know the impact of your gift!

With gratitude,
Nadia Heyd

Donor Relations Coordinator, East Scarborough Storefront
647-347-1693 ext 22 or nheyd@thestorefront.org