Giving Challenge Graphic - Decorative

Every year from June 1st to 30th, Canada Helps and the Giv3 Foundation run the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Every $1 you give using the form below will support The Storefront, a project of Tides Canada Initiatives Society, AND will also earn one entry in a draw for The Storefront to win $10,000!

Your gift, plus an extra $10,000 could build a LOT of community! Every gift you make helps people in our community overcome challenges, make their neighbourhood better, and thrive.

If we win $10,000, what will we do with it?

If we’re lucky enough to win the $10,000 in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, we’ll invest it in strengthening grassroots leadership initiatives such as resident-led sporting events, neighbourhood support activities, and youth-led mental health initiatives.

Are you inspired and ready to give and enter us in the challenge? Here's the secure spot for you to do it!

Thank you!