Did you know that there are good jobs with diverse career paths coming to Scarborough? We can support you to get on the pathway to prepare for, secure, and keep local jobs.

Did you know that there are good jobs with diverse career paths coming to Scarborough? The Storefront and the East Scarborough Works network can support you to get on the pathway to prepare for, secure, and keep local jobs.

A graphic depiction of a pathway in the community, leading from local people in need of jobs, to jobs created by public sector spending. It shows the steps along the way for people to get there.

There is major public investment forecast for Scarborough over the next 2 - 20 years. We want to make sure that this investment in Scarborough means an investment in the people who live here too, by creating local jobs for local people.

So, we’re trying something new: we are talking to everyone who makes up East Scarborough’s employment ecosystem. We’re talking to major employers, to unions, to service providers, and to community members looking for work, and we are figuring out how we can work better together to help local people in East Scarborough prepare for, secure, and keep decent local jobs. We call this network East Scarborough Works.

What does East Scarborough Works look like for the community? It looks like smooth and supported pathways to training and local employment for people living in East Scarborough.

Be part of the change to build a more prosperous and thriving East Scarborough: learn more about pathway opportunities below, and connect with a Storefront employment coach!

Looking to hear about East Scarborough Works in practice?

May 14, 2020 via Social Impact Advisors

In this conversation, Ajeev Bhatia of the Centre for Connected Communities and Gillian Mason of Gillian Mason Consultancy describe the unique opportunity we have now to build on what we know from poverty reduction and community development to strengthen neighbourhoods and draw on the assets of our communities in the recovery

What are these employment pathways all about?
  • Prepare to train and qualify for local jobs we know are coming, with the support of an employment coach at The Storefront
  • Our training pathways are designed to lead directly to real, decent jobs in sectors that we know offer growth opportunities and career options (examples include: construction trades, health care, and social service work).
  • Work with a dedicated employment coach who is there to support you all the way through your training and employment journey, even after you secure a job. Additional supports may include:
    • Support with personal issues that get in the way of work, like legal, housing, and immigration
    • Building the skills you need for the job (for example, through coaching, workshops, or a training program)
    • Employment supports, like resume and interview prep
    • Financial support
    • Addressing other barriers that can make it hard to access training (for example, arranging transportation to training sites elsewhere in the city)
  • We are working directly with employers and major institutions: they want to hire local and they’re excited to work with the East Scarborough community.

If an employment pathway is not a good fit for you right now, The Storefront can still help you connect with other opportunities. So come talk to us, no matter what point you’re at in your employment journey!