2001The year East Scarborough Storefront opened at Morningside Mall
2007The year The East Scarborough Storefront moved to its current location: a repurposed police station (after Morningside Mall closed)
31,877Population in the East Scarborough community of Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park(KGO) *
$23,547Average income of individuals living within the KGO (vs $30,089 for the City of Toronto) *
28.45%Percentage of low income individuals based on Federal Low Income Measure (vs 20.2% for the City of Toronto) *
47%Percentage of individuals in KGO who have completed post secondary education (vs. 59% for the City of Toronto) *
12.51%Unemployment rate of individuals living in the KGO. (Unemployment rate of Toronto: 8.2%) *
43%Percentage of people travelling over 45 mins to get to work (vs 31% for the City of Toronto) *
134Number of individuals finding employment and training due to support from The Storefront
50%Percentage of population that are immigrants *
5.84%Percentage of recent newcomers (Arriving between 2011 and 2016) *
70%Percentage of visible minorities living in the KGO (vs 51% for the City of Toronto) *
29%Percentage of households with only one occupant (vs 32% for the City of Toronto) *
36%Percentage of lone parents households (vs 21% for the City of Toronto) *
5Top non-official Mother Tongues spoken in the KGO: Tamil, Tagalog, Bengali, Gujarati Persian *
23Number of agencies co-creating local strategies
10,150Number of Hours volunteers of The Storefront contributed to their community last year
25Number of Partner Agencies providing services to residents
610Number of Residents receiving one on one support from partners
23Number of staff of The Storefront
24Number of Languages Spoken by partners and staff of The Storefront
23600Number of resident visits at The Storefront (2017)
3035Number of youth visits at The Storefront (2017)
Area ServedKingston Road (south), Scarborough Golf Club Road (west), Ellesmere (north) and Morningside (east)

*Information based on most recent information from Statistics Canada 2016