Feet in Motion – Soccer Strengthening Employment Opportunity! October 6, 2018

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Feet in Motion – UPDATED information – New DATE and New Venue:
Feet in Motion will take place on Saturday, October 6th, 8am to 6pm at The Valley, the soccer fields on the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.
Address: 130 Old Kingston Road
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What is Feet in Motion?
In summer 2017, a group of KGO residents set out to organize a “little” soccer tournament.  The result? That “little” tournament attracted 250 youth aged 16-24 from all over the province! That success has inspired residents to organize another tournament, this time building in an employment services focus. 

“Feet in Motion” will take place October 6th, 2018 at The Valley at University of Toronto Scarborough.
Fifteen Youth Ambassadors are in the process of co-creating the event with support from The Storefront. The Ambassadors are:

  • Learning about employment services, programs and approaches currently available in the area.
  • Connecting with at least 10 youth-based employment service providers and/or youth-friendly employers and potential mentors who will participate in the event.
  • Receiving mentoring and support to organize a soccer tournament.
  • Working with an evaluation professional to design a mechanism to collect feedback, assess current use of services and programs and interest in future opportunities.
  • Providing information to employment service providers on what youth need to succeed.


What are the impacts of Feet in Motion?

Increased Community Well-Being

150 young people are getting regular exercise and connection to community all summer long in preparation for the soccer tournament.

Increased Community Knowledge

Ambassadors and Tournament organizers are receiving training in technical aspects of sports, coaching, community development, event planning, evaluation and leadership.

Increased knowledge increases confidence. Both are important for applying to future jobs or seeking career advancement.

A foundation for Increased Community Wealth

250 participants will assess their own skills and interests, explore employment and training opportunities, learn more about employment services and supports, and provide feedback to inform and influence employment service providers to adapt their offerings to better serve the community.


YOU can help create this impact!

Donate today, and your contributions will increase community well-being, knowledge and wealth.  In concrete terms, your gift will help make Feet in Motion happen.  It will help us cover costs of:

  • sporting equipment (including first aid equipment, jerseys, trophies, medals)
  • supplies for the tournament and employment session planning and delivery (printing, office supplies)
  • field/facility rental
  • officiant fees
  • transportation
  • food for young people during planning committee meetings and refreshments for players during the tournament

Please make your gift today at www.thestorefront.org/donate or use the secure donation form below (scroll down just a little bit more!)

Thank you!

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for asking! I would suggest you connect with our Grassroots Strategies team to get more information on photos from the tournament. Please contact Calvin at ckangara@thestorefront.org or call 416-208-7197 ext 24. Thank you!

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