How to build a community? Today, we used a garden and a canoe!

Group photo in front of the Canoe Garden

16 October 2018
by Nadia Heyd

This morning at The Storefront, an amazing collection of people from the community got together to tend to our community gardens.  They also created a new habitat for pollinators!

community members gathered around the newly installed canoe garden, learning about native plants that attract pollinators

Learning together about plants beneficial for pollinators – which are also beneficial for us! Pollinators help make gardens – and therefore people – healthier.

We had with us today:

  • Mastercard Canada volunteers participating in a United Way Greater Toronto Day of Caring
  • Sangamam – a group who convenes weekly at The Storefront, led by  The Fred Victor Centre
  • The David Suzuki Foundation and the Guildwood Butterflyway Rangers

The chill didn’t dampen people’s spirits: they cheerfully took on the the task of tidying up spent stalks and preparing the garden beds for winter.  A highlight of the day was the installation of this amazing #Butterflyway Canoe Garden – filled with native plants perfect for attracting pollinators.

volunteers with butterflyway sign

L-R: Allison, Storefront Volunteer and Guildwood Butterflyway Ranger; Jode, David Suzuki Foundation; Kevin, Storefront Volunteer.

Allison is a Storefront volunteer who also leads the Guildwood Butterflyway Rangers group nearby.  It’s been her vision to bring more flowering plants into The Storefront’s community garden – for beauty, for pollinator habitat (especially native pollinators, whose habitats are on the decline) and to help increase the yeilds of produce raised by our community gardeners. Allison, thank you for your work with David Suzuki Foundation, and DSF, thanks to you too!  We’re so happy that The Storefront is now a home to a #Butterflyway Canoe Garden.

Volunteers from Mastercard Canada

Special thanks also to our volunteers from Mastercard Canada, who came out as part of a United Way Greater Toronto Day of Caring. We appreciate your help with the gardening, launching the Canoe Garden with us, and taking time to learn more about the #UNIGNORABLE issues that impact people living in our community – poverty, unemployment, long commutes.  The more you learn, the more you can do to help address these challenges. We hope you’ll take your memories of the day, and inspire your team at Mastercard to learn more about the work we and other United Way agencies across the region are doing.  Thank you for supporting this important work.

Next time you are passing by 4040 Lawrence Avenue E., walk along the west side of the garden and peek through the fence.  You’ll be able to see the canoe!

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