Introducing the next Director of the East Scarborough Storefront!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the next Director of the East Scarborough Storefront:

Sahar Vermezyari, MSW!

This is such a meaningful moment in the history of The Storefront.  I am so excited that Sahar will be taking on this role: it just feels right since she has been contributing to the collective evolution of The Storefront since 2008.

Sahar’s experience at The Storefront as Manager of Partnerships (2008-2014), laid the foundation for her subsequent work, first with the Association of Fundraising Professionals and then with Girl Guides of Canada.  In both these roles, Sahar used her talents deep commitment to equity, racial and social justice to influence organizations and systems.

I have always admired Sahar’s capacity for empathy, strategy and creativity in everything she does. 

Sahar speaks 5 languages and uses her lived experience as a refugee to inform her work.

Over the next several months, I will be proactively supporting Sahar to build the relationships and immerse herself in the local context so that she can seamlessly take on a leadership role. Ultimately, I am stepping back from my work at The Storefront and moving full time to the Centre for Connected Communities (C3). 

While this is, of course, a difficult transition for me, the time is right.  The Storefront’s incredible staff team (who I will miss enormously), and powerful local leaders will all benefit tremendously from Sahar’s collaborative, values-based and facilitative leadership style.

Place-based systems change is, after all, neither a sprint nor a marathon, it is a relay: I’m delighted to be passing the torch to Sahar.

Anne Gloger

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