National Volunteer Week 2021

The Value of One, the Power of Many

Storefront’s first volunteer team, 2001
RBC volunteers Day of Caring, 2013
Tax volunteers lunch, 2013
Youth volunteers at S.O.S March, 2005

Let’s take a moment to celebrate East Scarborough Storefront volunteers!

Volunteers have been essential to improving people’s lives during the difficult times over the past year. Without volunteers, there are so many critical community services that simply would not be available. We are thankful for those who delivered food, took seniors to doctor’s appointments, donated funds, checked on their neighbours, shared their food and knowledge, smiled at others and asked how they are doing! 

The Storefront has experienced first-hand the incredible spirit of volunteerism in East Scarborough and, in recognition of of National Volunteer Week and Storefront’s 20 Year Anniversary, we are sharing some stats on the activities of The Storefront’s volunteers:

  • In 2002, the Storefront Community Volunteer Project was born. Volunteering has been a vital activity since the beginning.
  • We started with 22 volunteers which grew into a team of 135 in 2003
  • 5886 volunteers donated 187467.5 hours from 2002-2020, if we had to pay minimum wage, it would cost us $2,812,005.5
  • Over the years Storefront volunteers have supported 300 + partners, local politicians and resident led community events such as:
    • Colours of Scarborough, Save Our Storefront March, Community Speaks, Walk Wheel or Ride for Dignity at Queen’s Park, Scarborough Summits, election meets & greets, Minimum Wage Campaigns, Festival Market, Bridging Festival, Community Clean Up Days, Tree Planting with Evergreen, Bulb Planting in KGO Parks, 54A Bus Campaign, Colour of Poverty, Community Design Initiative, Neighbourhood Trust Initiatives, Healthy Living Arts Fairs, Black History Month, Amazing Place, Youth Career Fairs, Residents Rising AGM, Capreit BBQs, 4301 Kingston Road Tenant BBQ, Family Skate Days, West Hill Lions Club Breakfast with Santa, 43 Division CPLC Picnics, Run for Fun, Doors open Toronto, Waterwise, and Toy Drives
  • Our Corporate Volunteer Partners over the years are:
    • Enbridge, Accenture Canada, RBC, Starbucks, Telus, Best Buy, BMO, TD, CIBC, Scotia, Janssen, Tata, Mastercard Canada, Cann Trust, DOW, Manulife, TEVA
  • Most of our volunteers are from KGO, they live within walking distance or a short bus ride away
  • Annual KGO Community Clean up Day is our largest community event that attracts more than 300 volunteers each year pre Covid
  • 80% of our volunteers are youth
  • Each year (pre covid), 50 plus volunteers support Hub activities
  • Storefront volunteers represent the diversity of South East Scarborough. Our volunteers speak the following languages: Arabic, Amharic, Bengali, Cantonese, English, Farsi, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Malayalam, Mandarin, Nepali, Punjabi, Slovenian, Swahili, Tibetan, Tamil, Tagalog , Urdu, Malayalam.

We also want to highlight and acknowledge the efforts of our amazing Resident Leaders. They have done incredible work from ramping up food efforts, mobilizing like-minded people, fighting racism, offering social support, to playing a lead role in advocating for resources in South East Scarborough.

To all of our volunteers, Thank You!

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