Neighbours Helping Neighbours video series: Agnes & Dave, KGO Community Connect

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, grassroots leaders have been a vital part of keeping communities connected. Our Neighbours Helping Neighbours video series highlights the ways that grassroots leaders in East Scarborough have been stepping up to take care of their communities.

Agnes Thompson and Dave Madder are long-time community leaders in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park community, and members of the emerging grassroots group KGO Community Connect. Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, they have been active in leading and supporting food work to provide fresh food boxes and cooked meals to fellow residents.

In this video, Agnes and Dave share how they saw a growing need in their community and organized to do something about it. Dave and Agnes connect about how vital grassroots leaders are as a point of connection between the people on the ground, and agencies and institutions, and reflect on the value of supportive, collaborative partnerships between grassroots groups and agencies such as The Storefront. They end with an invitation to the community and other local organizations to join with them in their work to get food to the people in KGO, and a call to action for increased collaboration and support.

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