The Latest Updates on East Scarborough Storefront Hours

The Storefront Building is closed until further notice April 1, 2021: Starting Saturday, April 2nd, Ontario will be implementing a province-wide emergency brake for at least 28 days. As per COVID-19 public health restrictions, The Storefront building at 4040 Lawrence Ave. East will remain closed until further notice. We will update the community on possible re-open dates according to the … Read More

Introducing the next Director of the East Scarborough Storefront!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the next Director of the East Scarborough Storefront: Sahar Vermezyari, MSW! This is such a meaningful moment in the history of The Storefront.  I am so excited that Sahar will be taking on this role: it just feels right since she has been contributing to the collective evolution of The Storefront since … Read More

National Volunteer Week 2021

The Value of One, the Power of Many Let’s take a moment to celebrate East Scarborough Storefront volunteers! Volunteers have been essential to improving people’s lives during the difficult times over the past year. Without volunteers, there are so many critical community services that simply would not be available. We are thankful for those who delivered food, took seniors to … Read More

On this day 20 years ago in 2001: The Storefront’s grand opening at Morningside Mall!

Celebrating 20 years of Community-Building in 2021 Throughout 2021, we are celebrating The Storefront’s 20th anniversary of doing community-building work in East Scarborough, highlighting different stories from across the years (see other posts in the series: Police Station to Community Hub; Water Tower to Community Garden; and Storefront’s First Home). Today in particular marks a very significant moment in The … Read More

From a Water Tower to a Community Garden

An old, rusty water tower that used to occupy the site of the Roots of Scarborough East Community Garden at East Scarborough Storefront. Images of the garden and people gardening

Never doubt for a moment that your community’s desire to grow a garden together can make change. It most certainly can! And it is the kind of change that brings about even more than food and beauty. Gardening together can bring about a sense of belonging and community, and that’s something worth growing at any time!

Employee Spotlight: Abena Martin

Back in September 2020, we started a weekly series called Employee Spotlight, where we feature the staff here at The Storefront and what they do. This spotlight is on Abena Martin, our Community Resource Specialist at The Storefront! Name: Abena Martin Job Title: Community Resource Specialist What do you do at The Storefront? I am a Community Resource Specialist and Coach … Read More

Finding inspiration today, from last year’s Morningside Park Photo Walk

By Maryam Nawaz With the current COVID-19 situation and the restrictions we are put in, finding moments to be in nature can allow us to feel more calm and at peace. The Morningside Park Photo Walk was an event that occurred last fall/winter, before the pandemic: we remember it now as we look for inspiration and ideas of ways we … Read More

The Storefront’s first home

Image from The Storefront's first home in the former Morningside Mall

2021 Marks 20 Years of Community-Building at The Storefront By Nadia Heyd, Donor Relations CoordinatorFeb 3, 2021  Twenty years ago today, East Scarborough Storefront opened our doors to the community for the very first time. We still have the same welcoming and friendly approach to serving our community. Our purpose is: To support people’s aspirations by fostering a community ecosystem … Read More

From a Police Station to a Community Hub

Many diverse people standing around a sign that reads East Scarborough Storefront

Celebrating 20 Years of Community-Building 7 January, 2021 – by Nadia Heyd, The Storefront’s Donor Relations Coordinator Did you know that 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of East Scarborough Storefront? To celebrate this milestone, we’ll be sharing a piece of The Storefront’s history each month throughout the year right here on our blog!    Today marks the day that The Storefront … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Nadia Heyd

Since early September, we’ve been doing a series called Employee Spotlight, where we feature the staff here at The Storefront and what they do. Today is our last interview from Employee Spotlight, and we have Nadia Heyd, our Donor Relations Coordinator at The Storefront! Name: Nadia Heyd Job Title: Donor Relations Coordinator What do you do at The Storefront? As … Read More