Healthier Corner Store and Tower Neighbourhood Renewal on CBC

Matt Galloway discusses the “Healthier Corner Store” pilot project with a Toronto Public Health research consultant on CBC. This exciting project, part of The Storefront’s growing work on Tower Neighbourhood Renewal, looks to community corner stores to make healthy foods more accessible in our city while improving economic opportunities for local stores.  Listen  here.  

Blue Jays Game- August 27th 2013

Go Jays Go! On August 27th  a group of 30 youth from the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park community, organized by The East Scarborough Storefront ventured down to the Rogers Centre. This is the first event as a result of the new partnership between The East Scarborough Storefront and the Jays Care Foundation!               

Anne Gloger, on the Importance of Public Space

As problems go, I guess it’s not a bad problem to have. Last week, we held a Community Speak where 100 resident leaders shared dinner and discussed the future of their community, KGO. The number of people not only engaged in building a thriving community in KGO, but also leading change initiatives, is ever increasing.  So, you may ask, what … Read More

James Hill: Chapter Coordinator, MS Society of Scarborough

I first contacted the MS Society after my own MS diagnosis. I was looking for help in understanding what I had just been told.  I was forwarded to the MS Scarborough Chapter which has a passion and commitment to help all affected with MS in the Scarborough area.  Sadly, the chapter was unable to meet some basic needs – like … Read More

A Success: Khushbu

It’s difficult to believe this charming and chatty twelfth grade student was ever shy.  But Khushbu credits The Storefront with changing her life. “The Storefront helped me grow from a teenager into an adult.  Before I got involved with The Storefront, I was just living in the community.  I ate, went to school and slept.  Going from a participant to … Read More

A Success: MS Society of Scarborough

Before the MS Society of Scarborough partnered with East Scarborough Storefront, we were hanging by a thread. The chapter was being run out of my dining room. People would show up at the MS Society storage locker hoping to get services. We needed accessible space to meet and provide support. When we first started meeting at The Storefront, we had … Read More

Anne Gloger, on Abundance

As many of you know, I started blogging several weeks ago when I was inspired to use the incredible community activities in KGO to illustrate some of the theory and concepts highlighted in the literature.  I found the experience to be grounding for me as I have been grappling with and exploring such heady topics as Developmental Evaluation, Collective Impact … Read More