A community member wrote the Storefront recently to share their experiences working with us and the subsequent results. Here is Narayan’s story: Struggling for a job is definitely not a new and unique story for thousands of immigrants in Canada.  Lack of Canadian work experience and language barrier are the two major obstacles for the New Comers which create problems … Read More

East Scarborough Storefront honoured with Vital Ideas award at Vital Toronto 2014

On June 18, 2014, East Scarborough Storefront was honoured for its receipt of a Vital Idea grant awarded by the Toronto Community Foundation.  Vital Ideas recognizes Toronto’s most high-impact organizations and supports their work to stabilize, expand, or replicate programs with successful track records. The awards were distributed at the Toronto Community Foundation’s annual Vital Toronto event, recognizing the achievements of a … Read More

Anne Gloger honoured with Vital People award at Vital Toronto 2014

On June 18, 2014, Anne Gloger was honoured for her receipt of a Vital People grant awarded by the Toronto Community Foundation. Vital People strengthen the not-for-profit sector by providing grants for the professional development of exceptional leaders. The awards were distributed at the Toronto Community Foundation’s annual Vital Toronto event, recognizing the achievements of a remarkable group of people … Read More

Fun Times at the Ball Game

On Friday June 27th, 35 children, youth, and staff from community agencies in the neighbourhood had the opportunity see the baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. The game ended in Chicago winning 5 to 4 but spirits were not dampened! While it is expected that the crowd would be disappointed to see their home team lose, … Read More

Anne Gloger on the Value of Service Supports

Last week a woman walked into my office to say “thank you.” She had called me several weeks ago, the minute she had heard, but as she was at the Storefront anyway, she felt compelled to say it one more time. This woman, we’ll call her Sarah, was the one of the very first people ever to walk into The … Read More

Anne Gloger on The Importance of Civic Engagement

I am proud to be part of a team of talented community development professionals from The Storefront who have collectively developed and regularly teach an innovative new course on community development.  We make no bones about why we teach the course: we want to make the world a better place and we want those that we teach to be able … Read More

A Success: Fazilatun Nessa Babli

Fazilatun Nessa Babli is the project director of Healthy Living through Art, a child and youth program that aims to incorporate arts and healthy lifestyle education. Because the program was developed under the umbrella of The Storefront, Babli credits “East Scarborough Storefront for the success of the program.” “Healthy Living through Art was developed when I came to The Storefront … Read More

A Success: Paul Small

“When I got laid off from my sales job of six years, it complicated my life.  I had no money. I had nothing.  I decided to start a confectionery business, making my own sweets to sell.  Some people told me I was dreaming. It’s no longer a dream – it’s a reality.  Thanks to The Storefront, I’m now running Sweetz-N-Treatz … Read More

A Success: Christine Manning

When Christine connected to The Storefront in May 2013, her business had been running for almost a year. In addition to her full-time marketing job, she ran Manning Canning (www.manningcanning.com, Facebook.com/ManningCanning, @manningcanning), commuting from her East Scarborough community to downtown Toronto to access a small rentable commercial kitchen. Christine was an aspiring entrepreneur with excellent kitchen skills, food-safety knowledge and … Read More