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Great news! Thanks to our Friends and Supporters, and some handy work by our Facilities staff, the stoves are fully functional again!

UPDATE – Jan 14, 2020 (by Nadia Heyd)

This is a story that you kind of need to read from the bottom of this post to the top to get the full gist. To save you the trouble, I’ll summarize:

Last summer, our cooktops went on the fritz. We went from having 8 burners to having just 2. After a service call from an appliance repair person, we decided to purchase new stoves. The advice we got was that they were just not fixable. In early December, we launched a campaign to replace the cooktops. In mid-December, we got a second opinion, and advice to purchase new igniters. By late December, we were able to source the igniters, and just last week our facilities team was able to fix all 8 burners!

Apparently, the igniters have been discontinued i.e. should these new parts fail, we WILL need to buy new stoves if we are not able to find the parts again!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our campaign to get our stoves going again! We reached out to all our donors to let them know we were able to fix the stoves for much less, and that we would put their donations to work in our kitchen taking care of maintenance and replacement of some other key equipment. Thanks to a community like you, we will keep on cooking up community together!

If you would like to support our work – in the community kitchen or any part of The Storefront, you’ll find our donation form at the bottom of the page, or you can click on “donate” in the menu bar.

Thank you!

UPDATE – Dec 20, 2019

Our Friends at Rotary Club of North Scarborough have a Rotarian with expertise in gas appliances and he came by last week to have a look at our faltering cooktops. His diagnosis: new igniters should solve the problems we are having. Our Facilities Manager informed me this week that we were able to get one of the stoves fully operational by installing new igniters. He also told me that the challenge has been finding enough of the required igniters to repair both of the stoves. The company that supplies the igniters for these cooktops is out of stock on what we need, and we are on backorder for these. (I hope they aren’t discontinued!) Apparently, the non working stove has always been in worse shape, having had other parts replaced over the years.

We launched the campaign to fund new stoves when our plan was to replace them. If we end up raising more funds for the stoves than is needed to replace or repair them, there are definitely other pieces of equipment in our kitchen nearing the end of their useful life, or already at that point. For example, we have 2 salamander broilers that haven’t been working ever since I can remember (I’ve been at The Storefront since 2015), and our team has been talking about replacing them maybe with a pizza oven (the youth and community groups using our kitchen have been asking for this). Our refrigerators and freezers have had a number of service calls to keep them running, so they are candidates for replacement soon. Same situation with our commercial grade dishwasher.  Anything invested towards this stove campaign will help keep people cooking up community together one way or another!  Maybe I should have called it a kitchen campaign! If you can help towards cooking up community, please do scroll down to the donation form below!

Original Post:
December 3, 2019

To all our amazing Storefront Supporters,

People in our neighbourhood have told us that the main reason they love coming to The Storefront is because of the sense of belonging they find here. A large part of that is fostered in our community kitchen where so many activities happen – and where so many people gather.

But we have a problem: the stoves in our Eco-Hub Community Kitchen are on the fritz. One of them is completely broken and out of service, and the other one is the same age, is down to 2 working burners out of 4, and could quit on us any day.

We are reaching out to all our friends and supporters to ask for your help. Like so many things at The Storefront, when we all come together, we can make magic happen. Will you donate today to help replace our stoves?

Local Entrepreneurs use our kitchen to test out recipes and scale up their operations – using entrepreneurship as a path to economic well-being.  Because we are a commercial grade kitchen, inspected regularly by the City, entrepreneurs are able to sell the foods they produce in our kitchen. And when our stoves fail, their well-being suffers!

The kitchen is also used to run programs like culinary training programs, helping participants develop foundational kitchen and food service skills.

And seniors, adults and kids all use the kitchen to come together to create community, discuss shared issues and support each other, sometimes even using food grown in our community gardens.

If YOU could help us with a gift of any amount, it would make a big difference for a lot of people!  Please scroll to the donation form below.

With my very best wishes,

Nadia Heyd
Tel. 647-347-1693 ext 22 OR 416-208-9889

P.S. The form below is a safe and effective way to make your gift to The Storefront, a project on the Tides Canada Shared Platform. If you prefer to give by mail or phone or another way, please visit our donate page for more options, or connect with me directly.

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