Partner Spotlight – Fred Victor

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Partner Spotlight – Fred Victor

The Storefront’s Service Delivery Hub is one of the best known and most accessed resources East Scarborough Storefront offers to the KGO (Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park) community. At our hub, community members can find 35+ social service partners who help make their lives better – without having to travel to 35 locations around town! This Partner Spotlight comes out every 2 weeks and features one of those partners so that you can learn more about what our awesome partners have to offer to people in KGO at The Storefront.  Read about this week’s featured partner…

Considering that the first week of May is national Canadian Mental Health Week, we have decided to highlight Fred Victor due to the work they do around mental health and wellness in the KGO community through their partnership with The Storefront. Their mission statement mentions that “Fred Victor is a social service charitable organization that fosters long-lasting and positive change in the lives of homeless and low- income people living across Toronto”. They have many programs that all connect to their four different focuses which are:

  • Housing: providing housing for individuals in vulnerable positions
  • Health: improving health by connecting their service users to different healthcare and mental health supports
  • Income: providing training opportunities
  • Ending homelessness

Fred Victor has 19 different locations from which they provide supports for their service users in the Greater Toronto Area. These locations include: shelters, transitional homes, affordable permanent housing, emergency respite centers, community support service locations, a safe injection site, and an employment and training center.

At The Storefront we are glad to offer space for Fred Victor to host two community mental health programs.

Wellness group

The Wellness Group provides psycho social supports to adults living with mental health issues in Scarborough. These supports include but are not limited to discussions on wellness and recovery, copying strategies, conflict resolution, communication skills, coping with grief, expressive art, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, relaxation techniques (EFT), WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) and much more. One day each month the group prepares a meal together in a community kitchen where cooking skills are developed, budgeting is discussed and everyone shares a meal together. An element of peer support emerges naturally in the group through the community kitchen as well as other group activities. They visit The Storefront on Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.


Is a culturally specific peer to peer mental health support group that offers the Tamil speaking community of KGO a space to gather, have conversations around different topics, and get supports or referrals to other services available to them. The program runs at The Storefront on Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm.

If you would like to learn more about Fred Victor and the work they do, please visit their website at

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in any of these programs please call a Community Resource Specialist at The Storefront at 416-208-9889.

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