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The Storefront’s Service Delivery Hub is one of the best known and most accessed resources East Scarborough Storefront offers to the KGO (Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park) community. At our hub, community members can find 35+ social service partners who help make their lives better – without having to travel to 35 locations around town! This Partner Spotlight comes out every 2 weeks, so that you can learn more about each partner and thegood things they offer to people in KGO at The Storefront. This week, we feature…

John Howard Society of Toronto
HIPP program – Helping Individuals Plan Positively

The HIPP program is a life skills oriented, arts and recreation youth program for African-Caribbean youth between the ages of 12-17. The program aims to help youth build skills needed to meet educational, employment and personal goals. HIPP strives to find proactive solutions to the problem of youth violence in neighborhoods and families.

HIPP is committed to providing a person-centred approach which is flexible, based on effective communication, holistic and culturally relevant. In the program, ongoing conversations explore identity, culture, body image, social media, anger and aggression, masculinity and respect, strengths and coping skills, healthy and unhealthy relationships.

To access this program, please reach out directly to the John Howard Society – HIPP team at:

Tel.: (647)-882-8431 or (416)-925-4386 Ext 230
HIPP is also on Instagram: @hippjhst

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