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The Storefront’s Service Delivery Hub is one of the best known and most accessed resources East Scarborough Storefront offers to the KGO (Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park) community. At our hub, community members can find 35+ social service partners who help make their lives better – without having to travel to 35 locations around town! This Partner Spotlight comes out every 2 weeks and features one of those partners so that you can learn more about what our awesome partners have to offer to people in KGO at The Storefront.  Read about this week’s featured partner…

Second Chance Foundation 

The East Scarborough has partnered with The Second Chance Foundation by providing a space for programming that nurtures a warm, welcoming inclusive space safe and free from judgment. A place where your thoughts and feelings matter.

The Second Chance Foundation has hosted various workshops at Storefront, providing “a second chance” by supporting women who have been incarcerated and marginalized. The following is an excerpt from their website that describes the reasoning behind why they do the work they do:

“Pulling from the negative experience garnered from women transitioning from Prison to Half-Way Houses back into the community; seeing the difficulty experienced by these women, as brought on by their respective Parole/Probation Officers and societal judgment; thus creating recurring recidivism, we decided that something needed to be done. The system set up to re-integrate women back into society has failed them! The Criminal Justice system has touted re-integration, which is a myth. Women, who happen to be the key parent, go to prison where they come out more criminally inclined and exasperated. Their children end up in Foster Care, with little chance of getting them back on release. There is no help or guidance for these women, who, due to lack of employment, training, safe, affordable housing, 30% eventually ends up back in prison within 6 months of release, while another 15% within a year, due to minor infractions or “the return to the familiar”.

If you would like to learn more about The Second Chance Foundation and the work they do, please visit their website at

If you or anyone you know might benefit from the services and supports offered by The Second Chance Foundation please contact them directly at:

+1 (416) 623-6707 or email

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