Our Statement on Racial Injustice

Picture of staff of The Storefront and steering committee

The East Scarborough Storefront recognizes that as we make strides towards a more equitable community and society, we are presently living in very challenging times.  Injustices such as the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, D’Andre Campbell, Tony McDade, Andrew Loku and too many others at the hands of police are not isolated incidents. Rather,  they stem from generations of systemic racism rooted in white privilege. This is a moment when people around the world and in the City of Toronto are coming together to say enough is enough. 

While the various forms of violence that have led to this moment are devastating and unacceptable, we are inspired and motivated by the collective action we are seeing emerge. We also know that this collective action has not appeared out of thin air, but draws on the multigenerational grassroots activism of people from diverse Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities.

Equity, humility and courage are among the values The Storefront champions.  We stand in solidarity with our East Scarborough neighbours, friends and partners in recognition of our collective fight against all forms of oppression, marginalization, injustice, and racism. We remain committed to the principles of building a connected community like those who lived on this land thousands of years before us.  

We hold space for anyone living in our community who may be feeling unsafe, angry, or grieving right now. We will be convening discussions in resident-led spaces and groups we support including Hanging at the Hub, Youth Zone, Sport for Change, and the Association of Committed and Engaged Youth (ACEY) in the coming weeks. We invite local residents and grassroots groups to join us: let’s have authentic conversations to share, reflect, and discuss what actions you think we need to take right now as a community. Stay tuned for details on our social media channels, connect with us by phone at 416-208-9889 or email us at info@thestorefront.org. 

As we stay connected, the ties that bind us together will withstand any forces that seek to divide us.

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