How We Create Change:

East Scarborough Storefront's Theory of Change

Whether you have been part of the evolution of The Storefront, are studying our approach or are just curious as to what it is all about, I hope you find this document useful.

The East Scarborough Storefront (The Storefront) has been pioneering a new approach to community development that we have recently coined the Connected Community Approach (CCA). The Theory of Change you are about to read describes that approach and the role of The Storefront as a Community Backbone Organization.

This Theory of Change document serves two purposes. First and foremost, this Theory of Change is an internal tool, embraced by our staff and steering committee as a foundational document that provides the framework to guide us in our decision making as we take our work to the next level. It is also intended to share broadly the purpose, power and potential of CCA as a new community development paradigm.

This Theory of Change, like so much at The Storefront, has taken the collective wisdom of dozens of diverse players over several months to create...and, by its very nature it will evolve and grow as our understanding of our work and our approach shifts and adapts to what we experience in the neighbourhood and the world around us.
Please join with us in reflecting on The Storefront's neighbourhood work, the Connected Community Approach and this Theory of Change: I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as our work evolves and grows!

Anne Gloger

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