It takes all kinds of gifts, people and partners to build a community that thrives.

Whether an individual or couple, public or private foundation, community or corporate donor, every donor is a friend, supporter, and partner in community building, and each has their own reason for sharing their generosity with us.

All have been vital in creating continuing impact in KGO.  We appreciate ALL of your support!

Individuals and couples generally tell us they prefer to remain anonymous. You know who you are, and we do our best to thank you in personal ways.  (If you wish we would name you publicly, please email us to let us know!  We can work on a list like the one below.)

We recognize and salute our Private Foundation, Corporate and Community Friends and Supporters who've been building community by making a financial contribution to The Storefront since the start of 2019:

Northpine Foundation*
Paliare Roland Rothstein Rosenberg
Peter Gilgan Foundation
Kiwanis Toronto
Dow Canada*
Felix Y. Manalo Foundation
West Hill United Church
Sun Life Canada
RBC Employee Volunteers*
West Hill-Highland Creek Lions Club
IG Wealth Management*
Rotary Club of North Scarborough*
St. Margaret in-the-Pines Anglican Church
St. Mark's United Church

*has made multiple donations since the start of 2019

Would you like to join these wonderful community builders in creating a community that thrives?

Your generosity helps make sure that every person who connects with The Storefront can:

  • Feel welcome, safe, and like The Storefront is a “home away from home.”
  • Increase their well-being.
  • Find real and meaningful jobs.
  • Increase knowledge about the community and about topics that impact their lives.
  • Have opportunities to learn, create and play, and work with their neighbours to help each other.
  • Be supported by a caring and effective on-site network of staff, community partners, volunteers, and neighbours and have access to tools, spaces and resources to help realize goals and dreams.

Please use the secure donation form below, or visit our "Donate" page to learn about other ways to give. Thank you!