The staff at The Storefront are a talented and diverse group of people who are responsible for connecting people across the neighbourhood.  In all their various roles, they create welcoming spaces, facilitate communication, share knowledge, provide opportunities, listen and strategize with the residents and organizations that make KGO great.

Anne Gloger
416-208-7197 Ext. 39

Sherry Lin
Director of Systems Administration and Design
647-347-1693 Ext. 23

Bernard Ntansah
Coordinator, Administrative Logistics
647-347-1693 Ext. 32

Dip Habib
Manager, Volunteers, Events & Facilities
416-208-7197 Ext. 32

Maddy Macnab
Coordinator, Community Knowledge Mobilization
416-208-9889 Ext. 37

Margaret Brimpong
Manager, Grassroots Leadership Strategies
416-208-9889 Ext. 27

Marion del Castillo 
Community Resource Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 38

Nadia Heyd
Donor Relations Coordinator
647-347-1693 Ext. 22

Parm Ramdial 
Community Resource Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 34

Philip Isaacson
Community Engagement and Skills Development Specialist

Sabina Ansari
Manager, Collaborative Employment Strategies
416-208-9889 Ext. 40

Shane Beharry
Manager, Community Resource Connections
416-208-9889 Ext. 23

Siona Koker
Coordinator, Youth Leadership
416-208-9889 Ext. 29

Victoria Armit
Local Economic Opportunities Specialist 416-208-7197 Ext. 42

Yalini Vijayanathen
Community Employment Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 46