Theory of Change document cover page

East Scarborough Storefront's Theory of Change

East Scarborough Storefront Playbook: 2020 - 2025

The Connected Community Approach: What it is and why it matters

Exploring Solutions in the Social Sector

Neighbourhood Trust: Shared Platform Reflection

The Little Community That Could, The Story Behind Our Story – Our First Decade of Building Community Together(June 2012), published by East Scarborough Storefront, written by Cathy Mann
In this book, we share practical lessons learned from our first decade of building community together.

The Tower Community That Could—Tower Neighbourhood Renewal and The Storefront Approach to Community Development (2014)
Published by East Scarborough Storefront, written by Jaime Elliott-Ngugi and Anne Gloger

Community Mapping: Community Profile of Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park (2018)
This report is designed to capture a snapshot of the people and organizations in the East Scarborough community of Kingston Galloway/Orton Park (KGO), what they perceive to be the community’s strengths and deficits and the plans and strategies they are focusing on in early 2018.

Snapshot Impact Report, 2019
In spring 2018, East Scarborough Storefront launched a measurement strategy, and this report from our third-party evaluator presents a snapshot of our reach and contributions to the community over the last year.

Research and Case Studies

Case Study on Emergence in Complex Social Change: East Scarborough Storefront (Written by: Jillaine S. Smith)

The Inter-agency Services Collaboration Project (Written by: Joan Roberts & Pauline O'Connor)

Community Hubs & Climate Change: A Feasibility Assessment (Written by:  Emmay Mah, Dusha Sritharan & Shannon Holness)

Toronto's Inner Suburbs: Investing in Social Infrastructure in Scarborough (Written by: Deborah Cowen & Vanessa Parlette)

Youth-Focused Local Research

Infographic: Youth Success Data

Infographic: KGO Community Profile

Custom Area Census Profile: KGO Area - 2016 (Sourced from Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population)

Feet In Motion: Lessons from the Feet in Motion Youth Employment Survey - 2018 (Written by the East Scarborough Storefront)

KGO ACT - Final Report - 2018 - (Written by The Students Commission of Canada)

Let's Inspire for Toronto: East Scarborough Youth Friendly community Recognition Program Application - 2016 (Written by L.I.F.T. - Let's Inspire for Today Initiative)

Literacy Now! Exploring Challenges, Capacities and Opportunities for Improved Literacy in KGO - 2018 (Written by The Reading Partnership)

Post-Secondary Education Connectors Research Project - 2018 (Written by Neil Price)

Raising the Village online database  (A project of the Toronto Child & Family Network)

Supports for Success: East Scarborough Community Report - 2019 (Written by The Wellesley Institute)